1. That is the most adorable smile on Piper…I too like the way snow blankets on the grass…everything BUT the roads of course….lol. I love the way you write and how much I relate with you when I read your posts….Hope you are doing well Erin! (I’ve missed the bloggy world…Im still here just dont get around that much to other blogs)

  2. I love this post! And you. And that incredible smile on that beautiful baby – and those beautiful big sisters. I love that you inspired me to write 400 more words of my own. xxoo

    • Amy,

      Ooooh, you’re going to do more? Or maybe you already have and I need to go see when I have more time. I’m glad you inspired me. I’ve been remiss about blogging and have had no time and dealing w/ sooooo much. I might need an Amy call for a tune-up?

      Love you!

    • PAMELOTH!!!
      I am a terrible friend. I’ve been so MIA for such a long time. I’m thrilled you stopped by to say hello. Hope you are having a  lovely holiday season!


  3. I love this!  Such beautiful girls you have.  I still can’t get over how much hair Piper has!  I think you and I would get along quite well.  I love many of the same things.

  4. I love this idea! (I might have to try it someday)

    Piper smiles are amazing. Seriously, all three of your girls are beautiful. 

    Words and books and writing and so many of the other things you mentioned are things I love as well. 

    • Thanks, Tracie!

      I’m glad we love lots of the same things! Great minds think alike! Thinking back to our chats about Blissdom and wondering how things are going. I’m sorry I  haven’t been around much. I hope you are doing alright. I think of you often, even if you don’t “see” me.


      • The last couple of months have really kicked my butt – with my motherinlaw’s cancer situation and some other family stuff. I really haven’t been around much either. 

        BUT…I did check my mail and found a lovely picture of Piper in my box. Thank you SO MUCH. She is hanging up on our door, and I have to say that Katarina is completely in love with her (and asking several times a day why she doesn’t have a baby sister, yet)

  5. Love this post and agree with many of these!  Piper is still gorgeous and the girls are getting so big and grown up.  I am always happy to see you pop up in my reader. :]

  6. Acckk who gave Izzy and Abby permission to grow up?? Piper is gorgeous and I still cannot get over all that hair. I miss you writing and get so happy to see when you have something up. I love this and ya’ll

    • Angel,

      We got your card this week! LOVE IT!
      p.s. I miss my writing, too. It’s hard. But I’m trying to get back into a groove and post here more often, even if it’s a random/short post….

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your fam!

  7. What a sweet post! I wondered if Piper would keep her newborn hair or if it would fall out like it sometimes does. I love it. Love that big smile – what a sweetheart. How is it she’s so big already!! I know time is flying, but it seems like we just found out you’d had her. And the girls, too! I see you in all three of them 🙂

    • Ally,

      Let’s hope she’s as big as you think she is at her 2 month checkup on Tuesday—I’m hoping for 10 pounds, but I think that’s a long shot. She was so far behind at the beginning w/ the reflux, etc…but we’re doing better now. You are so sweet. THank you for coming by!


  8. Omg Erin..that picture of Piper is beyond cute!!!! This whole post was so lovable and I felt such a kinship and happiness with you!

  9. I love the line from Shakespeare in love “I don’t know. It’s a mystery.”

    It’s a mantra of sorts for me. Because I don’t know how it will get done. It just will. How is a mystery.

    Apply this to anything in my life.

  10. Piper with the HAIR! 🙂

    I trust that the two adorable big sisters are treating her well and “helping?” 🙂

    As I catch up on a few posts, I see your range of emotions. This one has you high on life; and that’s definitely a good thing! 

  11. so delicious, I did this too back in December.  I can’t believe how many of your wonderful posts I had missed!  Those cheeks are delicious, all of your girls are scrumptious, and words, oh yes words…LOVE.